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Do you have a parent's position in the list of Double Eleven?

Do you have a parent's position in the list of Double Eleven?

One of the signs of growing up is to understand a lot of things in life and start counting down.
One of the signs of growing up is to understand a lot of things in life and start counting down.
Picture from - Zhu Ziqing "Back"

We are getting bigger and bigger, and our parents are getting older. Every time a parent’s sister says something, there is one less sentence; when the whole family is reunited once, there will be one less...

"The so-called father and daughter mother and son only mean that this life is getting farther and farther away."

However, no matter how far you go, those who connect children and parents will not disappear.

Some of them are sweet: Dad’s back seat on the motorcycle, the song of the mother before going to bed, the limited edition sneakers that Dad sent, the soup that the mother’s hands licked... and every time I got home, that familiarity Warm light:

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Whether it is sweet or troublesome, at a certain age, it will become our most precious memories.

Even as we grew up, we gradually had concerns about our parents, who were similar to us.